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Alumbaugh wins ‘Tribute to Jesse’ at Double-X

Alumbaugh wins ‘Tribute to Jesse’ at Double-X

Posted on: June 22nd, 2015 by rb_admin

By: Dean Reichel (California, MO) – Double-X Speedway was able to thwart the efforts of mother nature and hosted the 2015 edition of “The Tribute to Jesse and Freddie” Sunday night. The annual event was originally scheduled for Memorial Day weekend but that event was washed out and re-scheduled for Father’s Day which was quite fitting as we were not only able to honor Jesse Hockett but were also able to honor the “Father of Double-X” Freddie Hohman on this special event.

The cars and stars of the ASCS Warrior Region were on hand to do battle on the 1/4 mile clay oval. Adding to the evening was the offer to the top 8 sprint car drivers to “Take it to the Tail Hockett Style” and potentially earn an additional $4150 if one of them would take the challenge and start at the rear of the feature and race the field for the win. Four heat races and a B feature event set the field for the A feature in the ASCS Warrior division. The top 8 drivers in passing points convened on the front straightaway at intermission to draw for their main event starting position and to see who would be brave enough to take the challenge.

Jonathan Cornell was the first driver in the draw and was offered first chance at the challenge. Much to the delight of fans Cornell accepted the challenge and started at the tail of the 20 car field, in honor of the guy that taught him how to drive the tight quarter mile known as Double-X Speedway. After the remaining drivers drew, the field was set which saw Andy Mcelhannon and Austin Alumbaugh starting on the front row. Alumbaugh who has been on a hot streak lately in sprint car competition won the battle on lap one with McElhannon and the rest of the fied in pursuit.

During the opening laps Aumbaugh opened up about a 10 car length lead on the field but as he started encountering lapped traffic on lap 3, McElhannon started closing the gap. A lap 8 caution bunched the field behind the leader and the crowd was abuzz as Jonathan Cornell had already made his way into the top 10. When green flag racing resumed, Alumbaugh continued to hold the point as Cornell continued picking off cars.

As the laps clicked off it became apparent that another caution would be needed for Cornell to make a run to the lead, but it was not to be as the next 17 laps clicked off quickly as Alumbaugh would claim his second ASCS Warrior Region feature of the weekend. Ninth starting Derek Hagar would make a charge to claim second in the Hockett Racing #75H, McElhannon claimed third in his first visit to the track, Tyler Thomas crossed the stripe in fourth and Cornell’s charge would net him a fifth place at the checker. Ricky Stangl, Josh Fisher, Jay Russell, Corey Nelson and Brandon Hanks would complete the top ten.

Another special event, the “Cory Weirman Turn 1? memorial dash for cash was a five lap dash for the four qualifying heat race winners. Jonathan Cornell picked up $500 for winning this event. Tyler Thomas, Tyler Blank and Danny Thoman rounded out the field in this old school dash for cash. Heat race victories were claimed by Cornell, Thoman, Thomas and Blank. The B feature was won by Kevin Ulmer and along with the winner, Evan Martin, Dean Hathman and TJ Muths also transferred to the A feature. A big thanks goes out to Larry Hol and Terry Ford for helping to get the “Hockett Style” challenge organized for this very special evening.

In the Super Stock division, Derek Henson was the victor but he earned the feature victory by holding off the cagey, hard charging veteran Stve Beach. Following them across the line was Clayton Campbell with a narrow margin to claim third over Cole Henson and Brandon Dunham in fifth. Cole Henson and Campbell battled hard in the closing laps keeping fans excited watching the duel. Heat races were claimed by Dunham and Derek Henson.

The Hobby Stock division was also on the card and Gage Wineland was able to put another notch on his steering wheel claiming the feature event over Rudy Wirts in second, Kevin Prall in third, Mike Schrader in fourth and Chuck Coffey completing the top five. WInealnd also claimed the lone heat race in the division.

Rounding out the evening were the 600cc Micro Sprints with Marshall, MO shoe Miles Paulus picking up feature win number two on the season at Double-X. Running a strong second and pressuring the leader the entire 15 laps, Ayrton Gennetten would cross the line #2, third was Derrick Ortega, fourth was Travis Arnold and Kyle Spry claimed fifth. Rounding out the top ten were Jimmy Dowell, Nick Schaefer, Dean Hathman, Scott Hathman and Ryan Marsch. Gennetten and Paulus claimed heat race victories in this division.

Racing will resume next Sunday evening as Double-X hosts the “Racing for a Reason” event helping to raise awareness of autism. Sprint car driver TJ Muths and his family have put alot of effort into this event and will be having a fundraising auction at intermission to help raise funds for this worthy, noble cause. It is also said that the famed “Ol Yeller” #56 sprint car of TJ’s grandfather Bill Utz will be on hand this evening also. Be sure to come out and support this cause and get a look at a machine that helped to write sprint car racing history.

The ASCS “Red White and Blue Tour” will be kicking off at Double-X on Thursday night July 2nd and will again conclude at the track on Sunday July 5th. In between the tour will be making stops at Callaway Raceway and Randolph County Raceway. More special events are coming in July also with the annual “Race for Riley” featuring the ULMA Late Models and the “Battle of the Badges” will return in July, as will the ASCS Warriors for the annual “Clyde Wood Memorial”. Be sure to keep up with these events at www.xxspeedway.com, on the Double-X Speedway Facebook page or the Double-X Speedway Fan Page on Facebook.

Double-X Speedway results June 21, 2015

ASCS Warrior Region Sprint Cars–

A Feature Event-

  1. 33-Austin Alumbaugh, Higginsville; 2. 75H- Derek Hagar, Marion, AR; 3. 42-Andy McElhannon, Nesbit, MS; 4. 86-Tyler Thomas, Tulsa, OK; 5. 28-Jonathan Cornell, Sedalia; 6. 24S-Ricky Stangl, Lees Summit; 7. 72X-Josh Fisher, Jefferson City, MO; 8. 76-Jay Russell, Elwood,KS; 9. 34-Corey Nelson, Eugene; 10. 84-Brandon Hanks, Burleson, TN; 11, 4-Evan Martin, California; 12. 75-Tyler Blank, California; 13. 93-Taylor Walton, Warrensburg; 14. 65-TJ Muths, Sedalia; 15. 99X-Michael Ell, Raymore; 16. 20K-Kevin Ulmer, Sedalia; 17. 48-Dean Hathman, Rocheport; 18. 24C-Lanny Carpenter, Clarksburg; 19. 27-Danny Thoman, Higginsville; 20. 75E-Broc Elliott, California

B Feature-

  1. Ulmer; 2. Martin; 3. Hathman; 4. Muths; 5. 49-Ben Brown, Marshall; 6. 13-Clyde Knipp, California; 7. XX-AJ Wirts, California; 8. 12C-Faron Crank, Sedalia

Cory Weirman Memorial Dash for Cash-

  1. Cornell; 2. Thomas; 3. Blank; 4. Thoman

Heat 1-

  1. Cornell; 2. Alumbaugh; 3. Stangl; 4. Ell; 5. Brown; 6. Wirts
    Heat 2-
  2. Thoman; 2. Russell; 3. Nelson; 4. Hagar; 5. Ulmer; 6. Martin
    Heat 3-
  3. Thomas; 2. McElhannon; 3. Hanks; 4. Elliott; 5. Walton; 6. Knipp
    Heat 4-
  4. Blank; 2. Fisher; 3. Carpenter; 4. Hathman; 5. Crank; 6. Muths

Street Stocks–
Feature Event-

  1. 27D-Derek Henson, Russellville; 2. 10-Steve Beach, Eldon; 3. 30C-Clayton Campbell, Otterville; 4. 31C-Cole Henson, Russellville; 5. 14D-Brandon Dunham, California; 6. 8UP-Jeff Offerman, California; 7. 12Z-Zachary Smith, Centertown; 8. 52J-James Keeran, California; 9. 7-Evan Hays, California; 10. 05-Dale Berry, Tuscumbia; 11. 21W-Ted Welschmeyer, Tebbetts; 12. 15 Curt Turpin, Jefferson City (DNS)

Heat 1-

  1. Dunham; 2. Offerman; 3. C. Henson; 4. Hays; 5. Berry; 6. Welschmeyer
    Heat 2-
  2. D. Henson; 2. Beach; 3. Campbell; 4. Keeran; 5. Smith; 6. Turpin (DNS)

Hobby Stocks–
Feature Event-

  1. 12G-Gage Wineland, Syracuse; 2. 2X-Rudy Wirts, California; 3. 14-Kevin Prall, Sedalis; 4. 11-Mike Schrader, Sedalia; 5. 54-Tanya Canada, Fulton; 6. 171-Chuck Coffey, Windsor; 7. 15-Katie Goodson, Sedalia

Heat 1-
1, Wineland; 2. Wirts; 3. Prall; 4. Schrader; 5. Canada; 6. Coffey; 7. Goodson

600cc Micro Sprints–
Feature Event-

  1. 98P-Miles Paulus, Marshall; 2. 3-Ayrton Gennetten, Versailles; 3. 74-Derrick Ortega, Albequerque,NM; 4. 75-Travis Arnold, Pilot Grove; 5.. 3K-Kyle Spry, Columbia; 6. 88J-Jimmy Dowell, Boonville; 7. 9S-Nick Schaefer, Marshall; 8. 56H-Dean Hathman, Rocheport; 9. 56-Scott Hathman, Columbia; 10. 2R-Ryan Marsch, Jefferson City; 11. 02-Austin Crane, Ashland; 12. 3G-Garret Williamson, Columbia; 13. Jordan Howell, Columbia; 14. 11-Tom Curran, Kansas City; 15. 35B-Dwayne Benson, Sweet Springs; 16. 18E-Owen Evinger, Odessa; 17. 37-Ethan Greene, Wooldridge; 18. 72-Casey Kempker, Jefferson City

Heat 1-

  1. Gennetten; 2. Ortega; 3. Dowell; 4. S. Hathman; 5. Marsch; 6. Evinger; 7. Williamson; 8. Benson; 9. Kempker
    Heat 2-
  2. Paulus; 2. Spry; 3. Arnold; 4. D. Hathman; 5. Schaefer; 6. Curran; 7. Crane; 8. Howell; 9. Greene
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